On Thursday January 25th, 2018, we will be hosting a Beer + Food Pairing 5 Course Meal. To grab your seat at the table, call 847.905.0669. Here’s a menu of items we will be showcasing:

Gate Crasher 6.6%
Lime and Smoked Pepper Dusted Popcorn
Caramelized Nuts
Sausage and cheese Stuffed Tater Tots

Course I

Man Gough, Mango Habanero Cider 8%
Ahi Tuna Poke Tostada: Mango, Jicama, Calabrian Chili, Radish, Cilantro-Mint Chutney

Course II

Birdsong- Aged in Cucumber Gin Barrels 7%
Seared Escolar and Charred Octopus Fry Bread: Grilled Avocado, Crisp Asparagus, Pickled Onion, Tarragon, Lemon-Cucumber Dressing

Course III

Out Cider 5%
Goat Brie Bruschetta: Grilled Pumpkin Bread, Roasted Pear Relish, Crisp Italian Ham

Course IV

Quotidienne 7.7%
Wood Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Pork Shank Confit:
Sweet Corn Johnnycake, spiced walnut sauce, Crisp Cheddar Crisp.

Course V

Nice and Naughty Cider 10.5%
Cider Roasted Apple Crisp:
Malted Apple Ice Cream, Toasted Pecan Streusel, Caramel Cider Sauce